New Swift release: r3935

r4935 has been released. This is the production version of release candidate 4924. It has 22 fixes and upgrades: – improved UX and searching in Invoices module – UX upgrade to user admin module – UX upgrades to indents module) – UX tweaks to PO module – 7 new features in reports, including new homepage reports for logistics


New Swift Release: r4901

r4901 is the production version of candidate release 4894. It includes six new features: <ul> <li>A big change to the Milestone Tracking module. Individual samples can now be assigned to different people for approval (instead of being the coordinator’s responsibility)</li> <li>Customer order numbers are validated to prevent duplications </li> <li>The document contact sheet now has Skype, Whatsapp and WeChat contacts …

Candidate release: r4894

Revision 4894 is our new candidate release and is in QA testing now. It is expected to be released this weekend. Apart from several performance enhancements, it includes a major new feature for the milestone tracking module