3 new releases for Swift!

We’ve been storming ahead in the run-up to the end of the year. The development schedule list is looking a LOT shorter. However we dropped the ball in keeping the social media channels updated and so here is a mammoth update
Released 25 October 2018
9 new features including
– a new comment field on the invoices for disclaimers
– linking carriage (e.g. sea, air, road) to port types
– allowing filtering by carriage (e.g show me all my airfreight orders)
Released 19 November 2018
31 (yes!) new features including
– Pastel users can store defaults for customer and supplier codes across multiple databases and wholesalers
– Improved logging of date changes on the indent (we ask for a reason now)
– CMT production tracking got a huge overhaul to make is slimmer and easier to use
– Most reports got small UI tweaks to explain all the options better
– the costing module got a new feature – overheads. These are cost items that are fixed regardless of the number of units ordered
– Warehouse transfers can now be consolidated into a single document. This is a huge time saver
Released 05 December 2018
12 new features including
– better control when creating invoices – all lines on an invoice must originate from documents with the same currency as the invoice currency
– Creating indents has been streamlined
– Improvements to adding documents to the shipping module